Saturday, October 20, 2007

Game 8 - MSU @ Ohio State

Bring on Number One!

The collective sigh you heard from East Lansing last week, was from the Spartans imposing their will on the visiting Hoosiers and showing that this is not the same MSU team as in years past. This team showed they will not fold like a tent after two tough losses to Wisconsin and Northwestern.

Now comes the real test - Ohio State was bumped up to Number One after both LSU and Cal lost last week.

Without being too much of a slappy, I believe MSU has a shot at the Buckeyes. Sure it happened nine years ago. There has been no shortage of stories about that game this week.

But I believe MSU has a shot because the coaching staff learned its lesson after the Northwestern game and it showed last week. They will win games this season by running the ball, running it again and then running it some more. Last week, MSU ran the ball, Javon Ringer had over 200 yards as the Spartans kept the ball for over 40 minutes.,

The OSU defense is solid, no doubt about it, but MSU needs to pound the ball again and again to slow the game down, move the chains and keep the Buckeye offense off the field.

I have been correct with the vast majority of my predictions this season, this one may be the wildest.

Prediction: MSU 34, OSU 31

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