Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Game 4: MSU 23, Notre Dame 7

Sorry I didn't get a prediction in on time. I went up to East Lansing and as we all know, that requires an early start.

This one was not fancy. It was not a beautiful game by any means. It was very much a methodical dismantling of the Irish. They were going to see Ringer, then they were going to see Ringer and then they were going to see Ringer some more.

201 yards against the Irish for his second 200-yard game in a row. That will get the Spartans some wins.

But the thing that was most impressive in this game was the defense. They got to Jimmy Clausen for the first time all year (neither San Diego State nor Michigan had any sacks against the Irish). Otis Wiley (quickly becoming my favorite player not named Ringer) was all over the field, including some picks and near picks.

If the defense plays like that for the rest of the year, this team will be in position to win games. Plenty of them.

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