Saturday, September 30, 2006

Illinois 23, MSU 20

And the collapse is on!

After blowing a 16-point fourth quarter lead last week against Notre Dame, many wondered how Michigan State would respond. Would the Spartans (3-2, 0-1) fold like a cheap tent as they did in 2005 after losing to Michigan? Or would they respond well and trounce one of the Big Ten doormats.

Now we know. And with games against Michigan and Ohio State looming in the next two weeks, the future of the Spartans 2006 campaign is a bleak as ever.

After letting Notre Dame chase Drew Stanton all over the field last week, Illinois (2-3, 1-1) was able to pressure Stanton all afternoon leading to five sacks and eventually knocking him out for the game in the fourth quarter.

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Brian Hoyer did lead two scoring drives to tie the game, but this game was on the defense.

Defensive coordinator Chris Smeland and his defensive crew gave up 252 yards rushing to the Ilini who came into the game averaging just 160 on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Spartan offense, put up just 259 yards and only 82 of those came on the ground (MSU had been averaging 255 rushing yards per game).

In the past five quarters, MSU has been outscored 42-20 and has put its season on the brink.

The house of cards that is Spartan football is coming down yet again.

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