Saturday, September 30, 2006

The loss that was more than a loss

If it wasn't bad enough that MSU choked away a 16-point fourth quarter lead at home against Notre Dame and followed that up by helping Illinois break their 10-game Big Ten losing streak by not showing up at Spartan Stadium on Saturday, it got worse.

Both quarterback Drew Stanton and running back Javon Ringer were knocked out of the game with injuries. Stanton looked just shaken up after a near fumble, but Ringer's injury looked much worse after taking a shot to his right knee in the first half.

Redshirt sophomore quarterback Brian Hoyer came in to lead the Spartans to two scoring drives to tie the game and Jehuu Caulcrick and A.J. Jimmerson are capable backups for Ringer, but those injuries did not come at a good time with Michigan and Ohio State next on the schedule.

We will have to wait and see how extensive the injuries are.

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