Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sorry John L., we are on the other side now

We can't do it anymore Coach. There were still some holdouts. We gave you the benefit of the doubt - until today.

Your seat was warm before the season, now it is on fire and you should be fired right along with it.

Losing to Illinois was inexcusable.

Not only did they have a 10-game Big Ten losing streak coming into the game, but the game was at home, it was homecoming and they beat you from start to finish running the same play time and time again.

The beat you with the same zone-read play with Juice Williams. His name is not Vince Young, he is a true freshman named Juice Williams who put up 103 yards against you running the ball.

The thing is, your offense runs that play, so the defense has seen in plenty of times before in practice. Yet you still could not stop it.

True, both Javon Ringer and Drew Stanton left the game with injuries. But last I checked they don't play on defense and they weren't producing offensively when they were on the field.

You said it. You said it is the coaches job to get the team ready and prepared to play. If your team was not prepared enough to play Illinois for homecoming, when will they be ready to play?

It's over. The team has derailed and so has the season. This will be the first time the Spartans have stayed home three consecutive years during bowl season since the 18-year stretch between 1966 and 1984 when their simply weren't many bowls to go to.

We suffered through Louisiana Tech, Rutgers and Hawaii and now back-to-back homecoming losses to Northwestern and Illinois.

It is unfortunately obvious you are not the man to turn the Spartans around. Instead, we are seeing similarities between you and Bobby Williams and the 2002 season. A bowl win in your first year, experts suggesting you have lost your team and now a team ready to implode before playing Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Bobby and his team lost 49-3 that season, will you fare any better?

The new wagon I am on got awfully full today, will you or Ron Mason notice?


Bishop said...

How to fix the Spartan football program.

1) Fire John L. Smith and his assistants. His words in the press conference were nearly identical to Bobby's when he lost control of the program. If the coach can't fire up his players, then what is his purpose?

2) When conducting a coaching search, keep it completely out of the media (John. L was hired in a panic - and WAY overpaid - because the Marvin Lewis offer got public and he declined)

3) Search the NFL assistant ranks for a new coach. There are plenty of great assistant coaches who aren't quite ready for head coaching jobs in the NFL. Generally NFL coaches are all about discipline and lord knows MSU needs discipline more than any program in the country.

4) Hire a defensive-minded coach. MSU used to be known for having tough/hard-hitting defenses even if their record was mediocre. Get back to the roots of the great 60's football teams-DEFENSE!

4) Get former great Spartan players involved in the program. Do you ever hear of any alumni being around besides Gibson? Bring in Percy Snow or Carl Banks as a linebacker coach. Ask Lorenzo White to be a running back coach. These guys were nice NFL players as well - they can help with recruiting.

5) Play more night games. No, this is not for extended tailgating purposes. MSU gets drowned out during 12:00 and 3:30 telecasts by Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan. Recruits love to know they will be on TV often. Play at least 1 night game per year and throw in a Thursday night game as well.

6) Use Izzo's success as a tool. Get recruits to Midnight Madness, MSU vs. UofM, MSU vs. Illinois. There is a ton of energy in Breslin during these events.

7) Setup a ring of fame at Spartan Stadium. Hardly anybody knows of the Spartan tradition outside of die-hard football fans. Where are the retired numbers posted? Where are the national championship flags?

8) Expanding the Duffy Daugherty complex is planned, but a new facility would be better. The indoor practice field is very small. A state-of-the-art facility would be better for recruiting. No, I don't know where the extra money would come from. Quite frankly, I'm not sure where the money goes for all the sellouts we give MSU.

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